Westgate Tower

Project Description

Canterbury Festival managed to surpass itself this year, with all kinds of events all around the city. One of it's most engaging features was the construction of a Poem written specially in the weeks running up to the Festival period. Poet John Siddique and the Workers of Art commisioned us to map his work onto the ancient Westgate Towers at the of the Main Street. The work was entitled 'Poetry City'.

For Poetry City - Butch Auntie, her sister Clever Projections, and Artist Marc Chazot were pleased to have the chance to use written copy more formally within an AV artwork. This literally gave the building something to say, charging the company's designers with finding the best way to display an often delicate area of literature, without disturbing the flow or meaning behind each line.

  • Client

    Canterbury Festival

  • Date

    October 2011

  • Software And Skills

    Adobe After Effects